The universal human journey is one of becoming conscious of our power and how to use that power. Becoming conscious of the responsibility inherent in the power of choice represents the core of this journey.
— The Anatomy of The Spirit, Carolyn Myss


Who are we?

It is amazing when women meet, balance each other and become sisters. In September of 2015 Nicolia and Jessica met each other during transitional periods in their lives. Both starting a new work position, they crossed paths (Literally) in a hallway. Nicolia said, “I like your pointed flats!” Jessica said, “I love your hair!"

As fate would have it, after orientation the two would sit adjacent where they would share stories, laughs, random walks for snacks and to shop for essential oils.

On these walks is where both communicated a shared interest in starting a Podcast that would highlight the journeys and triumphs they personally divulged to each other. Individually they each had wanted to start a Podcast. But sometimes we want things we are not yet ready for. 

This is the inception of Become SHE. It is a story of natural collaboration & evolution. 

We enjoin you to witness it. 

Become SHE with us.

What does it mean to Become SHE?

Become SHE is a movement capturing the transcendental journey of the "strong" woman to the "free" woman granting herself permission to actualize HER highest self.

Often times we are caught up in the everyday hustle and distractions projected onto us, that in our response we forget to soothe, pamper, and lovingly critique ourselves.

Become SHE is a state of mind and recognition that women will no longer remain lesser versions of themselves. Specifically, to Become SHE, we have to practice self-awareness, self-love and self-care.

This means uncovering those not-so- nice topics and indulging in taboo conversations that affect us, while examining the surroundings that restrict freedom from our current state of being in order to be the women we are called to be.

Who is Become SHE for?

Become SHE is for women (AND men championing free women) who believe in their own power and sanctity.